Every instrument Alexander ever made is always build by, to an individual order. This means maker create, in every aspect, exactly what you desire, and not what has to be sold, it means your bagpipe have a personality, it will be unique, it will be truly bespoke.

 While choosing from a list of bagpipes and flutes, you have the opportunity to select your preferred configuration and receive an estimate of your future instrument. The link takes you to a page, showing the basic configuration and the set of options for the instrument of your choice.
 You are able to follow changes in the total price of the instrument while selecting the pitch, the type of wood and the set options and extras.

 Please note that we present the following assembly options in order to familiarize the customer with the variety of choice. If you have any specific requests which are absent from the list, you can discuss them with the craftsman while placing an order. We list the prices for reference only. The maker will be happy to discuss your wishes and instructions. The final estimate will be made after this discussion.