Anistratov Small Pipes

 Anistratov Smallpipes are available in the keys of

D, C, Bb, and A.

Smallpipes in G are available by the special request.
 It should be noted that all Small pipes are build as bellowsblown that means all of sets can be only equipped with bellows and cane chanter reeds. 

 A and D are most wide known and useful for playing with other traditional instruments. The smallpipes can be supplied as standard 3 drone sets ( tenor, baritone, bass) or, because A and D harmonise and there are 2 drones common to both sets, they can be supplied as a combined A/D set with 4 drones ( alto, tenor, baritone, bass) and two interchangeable chanters. All chanters of combosets are supplied with split stock for reed protection.



  Anistratov Small pipes chanters are designed to show-off the inherent resonance in the tone wood, sound is bald and bright, chrispy and " big". The bell part does not have "vent holes" that gives the opportunity to the musician close the chanter to the knee.

 Ferrules & tuning slides and chanter soles sometimes, are made of Bronze, Nickel silver or Stainless steel, which is a more durable metal than Sterling silver. Premium sets can be made with bronze & silver ferrules, which has a combination of metals in deasign. On the Deluxe models hand rolled and engraved Sterling silver metal parts are available also.


All chanters of combosets are supplied with split stock for reed protection. 

Drones & Models

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Dreoilín model, fully mounted. Kingwood, Bronze, Boxwood.
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Dreoilín model, fully mounted. Cocobolo, Stainless steel, Boxwood.
Dreoilín model, fully mounted combo set D/A
Blackwood, Bronze, Cocobolo.

Keyes & stop keyes

 The Keyes for chanters of Anistratov Smallpipes can be added by the request. The keyes for Smallpipes chanter is a modern option and been ordered by these pipers who needs more than just a traditional scale.

Dreoilín model Smallpipes in D
Dreoilín model Smallpipes in D
Blackwood, Bronze, Imitation Ivory.
Bru-Dheargh model Smallpipes in A
Boxwood, Bronze, Cocobolo.
Dreoilín model Smallpipes combo set D/A
Blackwood, Bronze, Boxwood.

Bru-Dheargh model Smallpipes combo set D/A
 Boxwood, Bronze, Cocobolo.

Dreoilín Premium model Smallpipes combo set D/A
Blackwood, Bronze & Silver mixed, Mammoth Ivory.
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A smallpipes chanter in cocobolo with high B key (bronze, bronze lining key slot) A smallpipes chanter in blackwood with high B and C nat keys(bronze, bronze lining key slot)

Alexander and Maria have designed and fitted this kind of keywork which gives the possibility to the pipers to play notes which are out of usual nona-nine note range. Makers uses block mounted type of key fitting which is known from times of Baroque and aestetically end ergonomicaly the best by makers appinion for Anistratov Bagpipes keywork.

Keywork installing avaliable:

D chanter: high E, C#, Fnat

C chanter: high D, high E, F#

Bb chanter: high C, high C, C#, low G, low E

A chanter: high B, high C#,C nat, low G#, low F

Chanter Reeds

Chanter Reeds

All the reeds are made by hands of Alexander and  tuned carefully in the chanter of particular set. Alexander does not supply his sets with plastic chanter reeds, for superior tone and rich harmonics all of Smallpipes are made with natural cane (Arundo Donax) reeds.

Drone Reeds

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Drone Stop Keys installed on cocobolo three-drone and blackwood four-drone main stocks.
Dreoilín model Smallpipes in A
Cocobolo, Bronze, Boxwood. Chanter with high B key
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Dreoilín model Smallpipes combo set D/A
Blackwood, Bronze, Cocobolo. Chanter with high B and C nat keyes