My Philosophy

It is true that men who have laboured with some show of excellence, have already given knowledge of themselves to the world; and this alone ought to suffice them; I mean the fact that they have proved their manhood and achieved renown.

— Benvenuto Cellini

I invented and created Anistratov Bagpipes workshop with a single goal to manufacture a variety of bagpipes and flutes of the highest imaginable quality or even better!

As a professional sculptor, descended from a family of sculptors and member of the Moscow Union of Artists, I introduced the sculpting methods dating back to antiquity into the process bagpipe creation. Each bagpipe (as well as any other musical instrument I make) is a creation at the junction of arts, such as jewelry, architecture, sculpture, acoustics, and even a considerable amount of alchemy.

I work alone In my studio at an optimal pace for creating the highest quality musical instrument. I do not see the point of reducing the cost of the instrument by using second-rate materials.

I only work with the best wood, which I pick myself for each instrument. I do not simplify the process of making my instruments by using modern computerized machines and do not try to gain speed with the help of “conveyor production”.

I use a variety of methods and techniques, known since the heyday of the Renaissance and Baroque. Each new bagpipe incorporates all the skills and knowledge that I obtained in creating the previous instruments.

For over 25 years, I have studied the heritage of world art. I believe that the beauty of the instrument and the elegance of its design are inseparable from the sound it creates. The acoustic properties are directly dependent on external lines, shapes and volumes, which together form the body of the instrument. The great masters, such as Jacques Martin Hotteterre, Thomas Stensby, William Kennedy, Alexander & David Glen, Leo Rowsome, Colin Ross and Hamish Moore, guided me in my path towards becoming a bagpipe maker. I draw inspiration from meeting and socializing with my musician friends, living around the world and customers who often become my friends.

I strive to create each instrument as perfect as possible.