The Makers

 Anistratov Bagpipes workshop is owned by Alexander Anistratov & Maria Anistratova.
Alexander started the workshop over the 15 years ago. He has been making, tuning and restored bagpipes and flutes since 1999th.

  Anistratov Bagpipes workshop is situated in the historical center of Moscow city, down by Arbat street. Alexander and Maria started to work together 2017 and now the workshop team is complete. Remarkable talent of Maria in metal jewelry design, silver soldering and engraving were a tremendous improvement for Alexander's erudition in acoustics, woodworking and precision turning. Their craftsmanship, skills and knowledge are mutually complementary and harmoniously matched.

Alexander Anistratov

We can say that Alexander is self-taught, but it will not be exactly. Since his earliest childhood, he spent a lot of time in his father's sculptural workshop. Permanent classes of drawing, sculpture, calligraphy and wood curving gave the future master an understanding of the shapes and proportions as well as the feeling of materials and design. When he was six his parents bought him his first flute as a present. Since then, Alexander does not see his life without music, woodwind instruments have become a passion for his whole life. After he graduate Moscow Academy of Fine Arts and became a member of Moscow Artist Union Alexander started his own business as professional pipe and flute maker.

Maria Anistratova

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