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Feodor Nekrasov



  With the greatest gratitude, Alexander wants to mention on this page those people who were insubstantial and helping,became teachers and mentors of Alexander on his way to the world of musical instruments, as well as in his becoming as a maker of bagpipes and flutes.

Special thanks to:

                                                                                                                                                                                               Jimmy O'Brien Moran, Ronan Browne, Xose Manuel Gil, Ray Sloan, Emilia Somoza Basalo, Gerardo Seoane Fidalgo-people who could find time to share their knowledge and help.

Bill Hanneman

(on historical chrnology)

Alexander Lachno,

Vladimir Lazerson,

Feodor Nekrasov,

Bill Hanneman,

Xosé Louis Foxo,

Valentin Gammal,

Carlos Nuñes.

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Carlos Nuñes and Alexander Anistratov