Anistratov Pratten

 This flute is avaliable in F, E, D or Eb and C pitches. Anistratov Pratten models are based on the Boosey & Co. Prattens originals who were the highlights of 19th century English flutemaking.
 This is three section  wooden flute with single peice body, big fingerholes and wide bore. Headjoint is partly metal-lined, fitted with a tuning slide which enables the flute`s pitch to be changed and has fine tuning stopper with screw cap. Long C or short D foot joint can be ordered with Eb single key for keyless models. Anistratov Pratten flutes are manufactured in plain (keyless), one Eb key, 6 keyed or 8 keyed designs (Low C, Low C#, D#, F short, F long, G#, Bb, C). All the keys are "block mounted". Metal lined saddles can be also requested by special order.

Plain Pratten

Keyed Pratten