Anistratov Irish Flute

 Anistratov Irish Flute is excellent three section D flute which was specially constructed by maker both for sessions and solo playing music. Irish flute is made in traditional style which is broadly based on original small holes        Rudall & Rose  flutes the finest makers of London from first half of 19th century.

 It has traditional plane keyless design. With this design this flute easily takes 2 1/2 octaves. If the only key (Eb) for this model is installed to foot joint  it has full 3 octaves range and also will cover some of Baroque repertoire.


Irish Flute in D simple headjoint. Cocobolo, Nickel silver.


 The flute has unalterable hard bottom D in despite of chort integral foot. Its timbre is saturated  of overtones and harmonics in the promptness with distinctness and solidity. Responsive embouchure produce clear, elegant tone on the slow tunes and at the same time can shoot out a snappy roll or loud barking crans during reels or jigs set.
Irish flute combines good playing characteristics with ergonomic design and simple way of carrying. 
Irish Flute in D simple headjoint. Castello Boxwood, Buffalo Horn.
 The main material for Irish Flute is African Blackwood - dense, heavy and terrific sounding timber. Other types of wood are also available and each give its own character to the tone. Flute  has one-piece none tunable head-joint by default but in this design player can tune the pitch by pulling first tennon which is between head and the middle-joint. Also this flute can be ordered with tunable head. It means head made with tuning-slide and screw cap. This combination of options gives absolute control of pitch and octave balance. 


Irish Flute in D tuneable headjoint with tuning slide and cap screw. Cocobolo, Nikel silver.
 All of flute rings are not only decorative object but it also provides strength and perfect concentricity of the weakest areas. Rings are made of Nickel silver or Sterling silver and have different shapes from basic D-6mm shape to wide and extra strong 12 mm B rings.
_DSC6369 copy1
Irish Flute in D tuneable headjoint with tuning slide and cap screw. Blackwood, Sterling silver.