Anistratov Uilleann Pipes

 Anistratov Uileann Pipes are the instruments that Alexander makes, probably with the greatest enthusiasm and inspiration, since he became a professional uilleannpiper himself.

Anistratov Uileann Pipes are available in concert D and "flat" C#,C or B pitches. Uilleann pipes can be ordered as a
  • Practice set-chanter, bag & bellows
  • Half set-practice set with a main stock and tree drones
  • 3/4 set-half set with tenor and baritone regulators
  • Full set-chanter, drones and tree regulators (including bass), bag & bellows

 Alexander has developed two different designs, which he terms Filímeala and Smolach Ceoil. 
Filímeala design is based on the lineament of pipes dating back to the early 20th century. It has a strait form of a traditional turning line. In Alexander's opinion, this design includes the most attractive elements among allknown pipes of the past. Original and aesthetically harmonious shapes synthesize with the fullness of tone.  

  Smolach Ceoil design is more modern. The fine Baroque elements of this design complement the elegant floral motives of Art Nouveau.

Although Alexander's uilleann pipes never copy or replicate of any originals, however copies can be discussed and made upon request.



  In order to develop the Uilleann Concert chanter of a certain pitch, Alexander painstakingly measured the lineament of the number of bores and chanter reeds. Among them pipes from such makers as Leo Rowsome, Dave Willams and Alain Froment. These chanters present several common problems to the modern musician ear in that the C # is often sharp and B in first octave is too loud while E is not stable. Furthermore, all of these chanters have the tendency to sharpen the pitch. 

Uilleannpipes chanters in Ebony, Blackwood and Lignum Vitae
From left to right; concert D, concert D and B

 In the process of creating the chanters craftsman did everything possible to make the improvement and address these issues.
The greatest attention was given to the sound of chanters, Alexander achieved precisely the modern timbre able to satisfy the demands of the most innovative performer.
Filímeala design chanters are have bald and rich tone, thick and creamy. These chanters are takes wide tapered steples for the reeds.
Smolach Ceoil chanters are more clear and vibrant with snapy articulation. The staples for these chanters are always cylindrical.

Filímeala model Uilleann pipes practice set in D.
Kingwood, Bronze, Boxwood.
Metal head, C nat key.
Filímeala model Uilleann pipes practice set in D.
Ebony, Bronze, Antiqued Art Ivory.
Wooden head.
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Smolach Ceoil model Uilleann pipes practice set in D.
Cocobolo, Bronze, Boxwood.
Wooden head, swan neck.

Chanter, Stop & Regulator keyes

Keys can be installed depending on the request, from one to six for one chanter: C nat, F nat (long or short), G#, Bb, high D & high E sometimes. They give an oportunity to the customer get all the semitones of two octaves clearly up to high D. The aesthetic of the keys complements the stylistic coherence of the whole set.
Chanter with Modern style keys in nickel silver. Every key is in the metal linned saddle. That chanter is four keyed (C natural, B flat, G sharp, F sharp)
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Chanter with Art Nouveau style keys in bronze. Every key is in the metal linned saddle. That chanter is four keyed( C natural, B flat, G sharp, F sharp)
The keys are hand-forged in the same metal as the all set of pipes mounted in. They can be mounted on integral wood blocks, and sprung with the soft and precise “leaf-springs”. Because each key is individually hand forged, the keys can be custom formed to suit the player’s hand, which may be helpful for those players with smaller hands or past injuries. Also the left handed chanters are upon request. By special order, Alexander make bronze, nickel silver or silver lined saddles for each key. The pads are used for the keyes traditionally cut out of leather nor neoprene.
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All of Anistratov Practice sets are set up with C natural key, just like the Half sets goes with C natural key and chanter Stop key and Full sets are equipped with C natural, F# and chanter Stop key by default.


 Anistratov Uilleann pipes drones are usually have traditional configuration; Bass, Baritone and Tenor drone. Common stock (Collector) is the base for all the three drones and it holds them really ergonomically in one direction. The drones are tuned in the octave (D/D/d) for example as on Concert D set. Also common stock set up with the Drone switch key- a speciall metal key which operates the inner wave to switch on or switch of the drones by the wrist movement or firmly thumb touch. This gives the opportunity to the player to play with or without the drones or even add their sound during the set. Also to the traditional drone setting can be add interval drones a/g baritone drone which is between tenor and normal baritone drone and also interval bass A/G drone which is between baritone and normal bass drone. By the request can be added the tuning beads on every drone which (by the one twist) makes sound drone one tone higher, for example you are be able to play E minor tunes on Concert D set with the drones in E.
All the drones are goes with natural cane reeds also Alexander makes his own composite (Blackwood body, cane tongue reeds) they can be supplied as an option.

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Uilleann drones in Smolach Ceoil design-full mounted, tuning pins (U-bend bass drone)
Cocobolo, Bronze, Boxwood.
Uilleann drones in Filímeala Premuim design-full mounted, tuning pins, double mounts,
(H-bend bass drone)
Blackwood, Bronze, Mammoth Ivory.
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Smolach Ceoil model Uilleann pipes half set in D.
Cocobolo, Bronze, Boxwood.
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Smolach Ceoil model Uilleann pipes half set in D.
Lignum Vitae, Bronze, Boxwood

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Filímeala standard model Uilleann pipes half set in D.
Blackwood, Bronze, Imitation ivory.



Filímeala Premuim model Uilleann pipes 3/4 set.
Two regulators (tenor and baritone) have baroque style keys and "Viola da Gamba" shaped bodies.
Both of the regulators has Fine tuning plungers besides tuning pins.

 Regulators of Anistratov Uilleann pipes are the quintessence of Uilleann pipe sound and a unique option inherent to this instrument only. These mechanisms are chanters in general which are were created to support the melodic line of the chanter, harmonically and rhythmically. The metal keys are make the sound when they are pressed with the wrist of the player and producing the organ like chords to accompany the melody. All of 3/4 sets have two regulators: tenor and baritone and the Full sets are have three regulators: tenor, baritone and bass.
As an option the E regulator can be added to the Full set-it has only one E key and situated in the separate metal stock (side canon like) under the Bass.

"I would say that the difference between Filímeala and Smolach Ceoil is same as the difference between Pratten flutes and Rudall & Rose".

Chanter reeds

To be honest the Uilleann pipe chanter reed are probably most complicated double reed in the world. They have to give two chromatic octaves in dry compete condition. The reed is a quintessence of reed making and Uilleann pipemaking-basis of the sound. That’s why Alexander gives such an attention to it’s creation process, when it’s done it has to be perfect. For Uilleann chanter reeds only the best cane which is (Arundo Donax) is using. Process takes from one to few weeks from the first binding to last scraping and voicing in the chanter.
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Filímeala Premuim model Uilleann pipes 3/4 set in D.
Blackwood, Bronze, Mammoth Ivory.