Terms & Conditions

Deposit & Payment

 To initiate an order, and cue the order into production schedule, a deposit is required.
When we get in touch for the first time we agree on the type of instrument you want to order and the main options. Then Alexander will put your name the waiting list and tell you the approximate time of delivery as well as based on the prices of the current year. Please deposit 30% for an instrument you wish to order after a detailed discussion with the maker. The balance will be due when your instrument is ready, and it will be shipped when we receive the balance payment. Alexander will contact you about 3-4 weeks before the scheduled completion and make arrangements for payment. The full payment will be requested two weeks before the shipping date of the instrument. Please keep in mind, a non-refundable amount of the deposit 10% will be retained by Anistratov Bagpipes, if an order is cancelled.
Please keep in mind that you may be denied maintenance without any explanation of the reasons.

Payment can be made by:

Direct Transfer to my account via your bank (European customers)
International Bank Draft (Overseas customers)
Cash (recommended and preferably with the local pickup)

Let us know how you would prefer to pay and some further information will be sended.

Wait Time

 For a 3/4 set or Full Set of Uilleann pipes the waiting time is 24-36 months from the date you finalize your order specifications. For a Practice set the time of waiting could be as short as one week or as long as 10 months. A Practice set in concert D can be obtained immediately, D practice sets of the different designs and timbers are usually in stock, so there is normally no waiting list for them. If not, the waiting time will depend on whether or not the Practice set you want is in the current production batch, and how soon it can be tested, subsequent to its completion. Contact us for availability.
For the Highland Bagpipes, Scottish Small pipes or Border pipes time is now 18 months.
For Gita Gallega, Schäferpfeife, Big Medieval Dudelsack, the waiting time is about 16 months. For flutes, metal and wooden whistles, to figure out the wait time please contact the makers-preferably by email.

Handling & Shipping

 Anistratov Bagpipes offers worldwide delivery. Packing, Posting and Shipping will be added to the prize.
Alexander prefers the customer to come and take the instrument straight from the workshop. If this is not possible for some reason, it is an opportunity to arrange a meeting at one of the festivals, gigs or an exhibition.