Anistratov Metal Whistles

 Anistratov Metal Whistles-professional musical instruments, they are based generally on traditional examples of tin whistles from Ireland and Scotland, countries where the roots of whistle playing and making are still strong by nowadays.
Alexander developed his own pattern of the mouthpiece, which is economical in terms of airflow, sweet and comfortable in intoning. Whistles are have two pieces tunable construction: head and body. The tuning slide is fitted with artificial cork seal, which insures easy and precise tuning. Two pieces design also gives the apartunity to use the same head with different bodies in certain key combinations. For examle most popular set is one head and three: D, C & Bb bodies. Today Alexander proudly present his complete lineup from high G to low G.

High Whistles

 Standard Soprano high whistles in D and C aluminium

 All of the Metal Whistles Alexander developing in his workshop are have an intention to show off the unique sound of the whistle as all-sufficient modern instrument, to emhasize its pure timbre.
 Metal High Whistles that Alexander makes are Soprano and Mezzo Soprano.The pitches are avaiable:
G, F sharp, F, E, E flat, D, C sharp, C, B, B flat and A.
  The sound is bald and clear, and construction of wide bore with big finger holes gives an aportunity to play easily in 2 and half octaves. The  design is HiTech and elegant, fine and attractve.

Low Whistles

Low Whistles from Alexander`s worksop are made as Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass.
The pitches are: G sharp, G, F sharp, F, E, E flat, D, C sharp, C, B, B flat, A and G.

                         Standard Alto low whistles in G and F aluminium

 Anistratov Low Whistles are manufacture on the same equipment and materials as the High whistles. Precision machinery and best quality of aluminum in combination with skills and musical feeling of craftsman gives terrific sounding instruments in low registers. They have warm and dark, full and rich sound, wonderful range balance and responsible windway. The design of Low Whistles is handy and easy to tune, mouth piece gives tight and responsive same time airflow, ergonomic and intoning.

                           Standard low Tenor E, Eb, D and Baritone C whistles aluminium