Education & Courses

 Maria and Alexander invites everyone who are interested and want to try themselves as a real instrument maker. Suitable for adults and students over 16 years old; musicians, artisans and craftspeople.
It’s really easy to book individual:
  • Reed (chanter and drones) making class.
  • Chanter making course.
  • High or Low whistle course.
  • Pipe making course.
  • Flute making courses.
  The course fee covers all the materials, use of tools and expert tuition. It also includes some lunches, light refreshments ( tea and coffee) and some evening meals. The finished piece will be yours to keep and play. The new skills and education of participant will be supported with quality printed certificate of the student of Anistratov Bagpipes. The courses begins from introduction of toolmaking and machining, understanding of the science of acoustics, timber care, jewelry tools using and finishing with fine tuning of the ready instrument etc. The aim of course is to let the participant feel the full immersion in musical instrument making process, to study the Art of Sound.

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Individual Workshops

As a professional musician Alexander teach and give workshops at his Anistratov Bagpipes Showroom-place where you can not only try and hear different types of pipes, flutes and whistles but also to study a fine art of pipe and flute playing.
Also now are avaliable Skype online lessons.
The workshops and classes are available now:
  • Uilleann pipes
  • Great Highland bagpipes
  • Scottish Border pipes
  • Scottish Small Pipes
  • Galician Gaita
  • Shaefferpfeife
  • Swedish Sackpipa
  • Medieval bagpipes
  • High & Low whistles, Irish flute
Please book Anistratov Bagpipes Courses by telephone or here [email protected]