Anistratov Higland Bagpipes

 Alexander manufacture Great Highland Bagpipes in two pitches, first is the main and traditional for Highland B flat 446 Hz (pipeband high pitch) and a concert pitch for solo or band playing B flat 440 Hz.
The design of the set can be Standard, Premium or Deluxe class. Great Highland Bagpipes are made of three types of wood: Blackwood, Cocobolo and Mopani. The basic set has three drones, two tenor, bass and plastic chanter. All the instruments of Premium and Deluxe Class are equipped with wooden hanter by default that made of a same timber thrugout the set.


As you can see on this page Aexander has develope several drone designs. different designs have various proportions, lines and decorative elements.  An important role is played by materials from which drones are made in this or that design. The choosen elements are effects directly to the timbre.The design of drones does not end with their exterior-the main is hidden inside. Alexander use two types of internal bore patterns in his drones for Great Highland Bagpipes.
 One – is MacDougall Pattern. Drones with such internal design are made according to the drawings of the great bagpipe maker Allan MacDougall. This is a craftsman whos works belongs to era of the Golden Age of Great Highland Bagpipes. Allan worked in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. His work was based on earlier versions of bagpipes 17th centuries probably. The internal design of the "McDougall" provides very powerful, bold and juicy sounding drones balanced at low and high frequencies, similar to the effect of 3D. Suits really much both the plastic and wooden chanters.
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Fidheagh Standard design. Blakwood, Ferrules: bronze, Projecting Mounts and bushings: imitation horn, luxury  mouthpiece: imitation horn & ebonyte