My Designs

 As Anton Chekhov said “Everything should be first-rate in a person, his face, clothes, soul and thoughts.”
 So Alexander’s aim is to build each and every instrument as a first-rate person. While Alexander studied music history, he specially visited many museums of musical instruments around the world as well as a visitor to several private collections, where he was lucky not only to sketch the originals, but also to make exact copies of the exhibits of the past. In his workshop in his designs maker has applied all the knowledge and skills in to a building process of instruments that would be modern and also reflect the work of the masters of the past.

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Mounts & Ferrules

The Ferrules & Mounts which are used in Alexander’s instruments are made from beautiful grained exotic timbers or attractive looking modern materials which are imitating ivory or buffalo horn. These details are not only decorative elements but also reinforcing the joints of the instrument and the parts that are subject to stress and pressure. Also the range of precious metals are been using for Projecting Mounts, Ferrules, Tuning Pins and all types of rings. All of these metal parts are made by rolling, soldering or casting and after all machine turning to get the best result. The process of creating one or the other detail is depending of different factors such as reinforcing properties, aestetic sense and  of the customers requests of course.


 Anistratov’s keys standard is “block mounted” keys installing.
 That means the key are held on the instrument body by projecting wooden mounts. This way of key installing is known from Baroque times and even before. Every metal key is the piece of exquisite design and jewelery. Each of them are hand smithed from raw piece of metal, hardened and shaped by hands of makers. Than the Keyes are polished, pinned and equipped with a leaf spring. At the end of the instalation process all the Keyes are fitted snugly to the its particular place. Metal lined saddles of the same metal can be also requested by special order. The ergonomics and balance, here is the main task of Anistratov’s key making.


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Custom carving & Engraving