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 The Anistratov Bagpipes & Flutes are manufactured from carefully seasoned, instrument-grade hardwoods from  some regions of Africa, the South America, South-West Europe and occasionally from Australia. All the instruments primarily made from African Blackwood, Cocobolo and Kingwood but other tropical hardwoods may be ordered as an option. Important to mention all of timbers which workshop does use are coming from licensed suppliers and have legality certificate.

 Every individual piece is metiquosly inspected and handpicked from the suppliers stock and stacked to air dry for a minimum of two years from the time they arrive at the shop; first year as a raw block, second year as preturned and pilot drilled billet.
 After each step of the bulding process, each piece of timber is allowed to rest for a period of time, insuring that the integrity of the wood is stable before moving on to the next stage of production. The wood is also treated at each stage with a light coating of oils mixture. The care taken to handle and inspect each piece of wood throughout the various stages of production helps to insure that the instrument after it is finished will play for many years with relatively low maintenance.


Three precious metals are used in Alexander’s workshop to set up the Standard sets of bagpipes and flutes. Namely Bronze and Nickel Silver are metals that were known to the traditional makers of the past. Stainless steel, a relatively new metal in the world of the musical instruments manufacturing but at the same time very well proven due to its unsurpassed qualities: complete absence of patina, wear-resistance, small heat capacity and strength.

All of this metals using as well for Anistratov ferrules, mounts, tuning pins, keyes and other metal parts of instruments. These metal parts are always made in hand and are the result of precise machining skills and jewelry art. 
The ferrules and ring caps are made from three separate pieces of solid silver that are concentrically soldered together in the traditional manner. This labor intensive process yields a heavy, durable and aesthetically flawless silver part that will last a lifetime. No expense or detail has been compromised.

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