Anistratov Bagpipes Shop

 Alexander Anistratov is proud to offer his reed making materials and accessories for professional pipemakers, reedmakers and persons who are bald enough to step into the amazing world of reed making and find their own unique sound. Alexander is harvesting, seasoning and processing his cane himself to get top notch quality materials. Here you will find some of the best reedmaking components and accessories you can find on the market. Processed cane ( Arundo donax) of different diameters and length for making reeds for both chanters and drones. Staples and tubes for staples of various chanter reeds. Pre-gouged and shaped cane slips that require only your final cutting, scrapping and tuning. Buying online now with Anistratov Bagpipes Shop.







Cane for Uilleann pipes chanter reeds.(Italy)
Outer diameter 22-24mm.
 Length 200-250mm.
 10 Pieces semple.

€ 30




Drone Cane sticks (quills) sets for Scottish Smallpipes
Bass OD 5,5mm ID 4mm Length 105-110mm 
Baritone OD 5mm ID 3,5mm Lenth 80-85mm
Tenor OD 5mm ID 3mm Lenth 70-75mm
Alto OD 4,5 ID 3mm Lenth 60-65mm
Sold per set.

€ 4